Driven Obstacles

Driven Obstacles or Driven PTV (Parcours en Terrain Varie):

Points: 100 – 160


The driven obstacle course is comprised 10 – 16 obstacles worth 10 points each. There are both natural and simulated difficulties designed to test the skills and communication of the driver/ horse teams. Obstacles are scored based on how effectively the obstacle is executed, the selected gait chosen by the competitor, and possible penalties.

Course Length: 1.5 – 2 km / Speed of 12 km/h.

Time: While not a race, there is an overall maximum time set for the course. If the maximum time is exceeded time penalties accrue.

Levels: (USA)

L1-2: At the lower levels obstacles are more appropriate for beginners / more casual drivers. Poles may be placed on the ground vs. elevated on holders.

L3-4: At these levels the obstacles become more challenging in distance and speed, and require greater skill and fitness levels to compete successfully.

Driven TREC Obstacles:

There are 25 designated Driven TREC Obstacles a course designer may choose from.

View the Driven TREC Obstacle Gallery.


Driven Obstacles List:

  1. Corridor
  2. Bank
  3. Bell
  4. Driving With One Hand 
  5. Turning On The Spot 
  6. Upward Incline Start
  7. Downward Incline Start 
  8. Cross Slope
  9. Obstacle With 2 or 3 Gates 
  10. Dip
  11. Pine Forest
  12. Water Crossing 
  13. Immobility
  14. Colored Posts and Tops
  15. Upward Incline 
  16. Downward Incline 
  17. Bridge
  18. Reinback
  19. U Shaped Maneuver
  20. Roundabout 
  21. Twin U Shaped Alley
  22. L Shaped Alley
  23. U Shaped Alley
  24. Z Shaped Alley 
  25. 3 Leaf Clover