Driven TREC – Colored Posts and Tops


(3) 1.5m colored posts spaced 6 m apart. 3 Colored Tops.


The groom to place colored tops on corresponding posts.


  • Distance between 2 posts is 6 meters.
  • Distance of the first and last post from the entry and exit : 4 meters


This obstacle involves the groom who must put the coloured tops, that have been mixed up, on the corresponding posts

This obstacle is not included in courses open to single drivers.


Effectiveness Faults:

  • Not placing the top on the corresponding post
  • Break in forward motion, change of gait
  • Running out
  • Stepping back
  • Refusal 
  • Circling before the obstacle


  • Making the Tops Fall – 10
  • No whip in the hand – 10
  • Brutality -10
  • Dangerous driving – 10
  • Driver or groom stepping down from the carriage -30
  • Tipped carriage – 50
  • Uncorrected course error – Elimination

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