Welcome To The Sport of TREC!

TREC is an international equestrian trail sport that tests the skills, confidence, and abilities of horses and riders or driving teams over various terrains and obstacles.

  • TREC takes two forms – Ridden TREC and Driven TREC.
  • Both forms involve an Orienteering Phase and a Trail Obstacle Phase.
  • Ridden TREC includes a third phase known as Control of Paces.

Things that differentiate TREC from other trail sports include:

  • The development of navigational skills which gives riders and drivers the freedom to explore greater areas with their horses and ponies.
  • A well-defined set of obstacles with standardized specifications and scoring giving competitors the opportunity to practice and improve their skills.

View The Ridden Obstacle Gallery


Most of all – TREC is fun !

  • TREC is suitable to most breeds of horses and many styles of riding and driving, as well as a wide range of skill levels of riders and drivers.
  • TREC builds confidence and teaches practical skills that promotes the safe enjoyment of riding and driving in the outdoors.


View the Driven TREC Obstacle Gallery


Coming Soon:

  • Orienteering 101
  • Mapmaking / Route Planning
  • Obstacle Building / Course Design
  • And More!


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