Online Training

Following are presentations available either in person or online.

Introduction To TREC

  • What the Heck is TREC? Ridden
  • What the Heck is TREC? Driven

TREC Training

  • Ridden and Driven Orienteering (Rules, Scoring, Specifications)
  • Control of Paces (Rules, Scoring, Specifications)
  • Ridden Obstacles (Rules, Scoring, Specifications)
  • Driven Obstacles (Rules, Scoring, Specifications)

TREC Event Planning

  • Planning a TREC Event 1 POR (Maps, Routes, Checkpoints, Scoring)
  • Planning a TREC Event 2 PTV & COP (Course Design and Construction)
  • Planning a TREC Event 3 Factors (Location, Liability, Promotion)

TREC Skillsbuilding

  • Orienteering 101 (Map and Compass Skills for Riders and Drivers)

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