Ridden TREC Overview

© Kim Stoddard

A Ridden TREC Competition consists of three phases:

  • Phase I: Mounted Orienteering (POR) 240 Points
  • Phase II: Control of Paces  (COP or MA) 60 Points
  • Phase III: Trail Obstacle Course (PTV). 160 Points

In the US there are four levels of competition to accommodate all levels of horses and riders, with Level 1 being suitable for beginners and Level 4 the most challenging.  

At Levels I-III most TREC competitions take place over the course of a single day and do not include formal vet checks although organizers have the authority to hold or disqualify riders if their animal(s) appear unduly stressed during the competition. The phases may be ordered differently at the event organizer’s discretion.

At Level IV (the international level) a TREC competition takes place over 2 days and includes vet checks throughout.