Clinics and Competitions


Introduction to Orienteering – Ridden or Driven

Typically we start with a discussion of the mapped route we plan to ride (or drive) – then head out on the trail. This Clinic teaches basic map and compass skills, with a focus on navigation. Students are encouraged to lead sections of the route, to identify direction, terrain features on the map and on the ground, and how to use the map and timepiece to anticipate travel times from one landmark to the next.

Orienteering – Understanding Pace

Typically we begin by riding a measured distance at different speeds to begin to understand what each speed feels like, followed by a mapped route with marked checkpoints and set speeds between checkpoints. Students learn to measure distances on the map and calculate travel times at different speeds.

Introduction to Ridden Obstacles and Control of Paces

Typically we start with a (mounted) course walk with explanation of each Obstacle, and the Control of Paces, followed by practice with instruction. Riders are encouraged to introduce their horses gently to each obstacle (often in-hand) and to approach each obstacle as a series of steps, building toward a successful execution. The next step is to work on a series of obstacles, with a focus on moving from one task to the next with intention, and providing your horse with support and confidence. Clinic format varies depending on the number of obstacles, students, and instructors.

Introduction to Driven TREC Obstacles: Similar to above.


We have a number of instructors with international experience and training in the sport of TREC available to come to your area to give a 1 day or 2 day clinic, (pending travel restrictions).


Let us help you plan a TREC Competition in your area!

We offer comprehensive support in judges’ training, competition planning, course design, and map-making. See Online Training.

“Official” TREC Competitions

These are competitions that specifically follow the International FITE Rules (no schooling / riders transcribe their routes, etc). Given that a full 2 day TREC Competition with all phases, takes a lot of planning and a lot of volunteers to accomplish, we sometimes opt for a shortened 1 day format.

Recreational Competitions

Recreational Competitions are fun events that feature a mastery of TREC Skills and may focus only on one or two of the phases.

Recreational Orienteering Competitions may take the form of a poker ride or scavenger hunt, or a Mapped TREC Ride with judged obstacles on route.

Recreational Obstacle and COP Competitions may include a number of different courses on which riders and drivers are judged. We also sometimes combine a morning coursewalk and limited schooling with a competition in the afternoon.