Driven TREC – Obstacle with 2 or 3 Gates


A series of 3 gates set in a curved path marked by cones with balls on top.


To follow curved path maintaining gait and not disturbing obstacle.


  • A gate comprises two cones separated by 2 meters
  • The gates are 10 meters from each other
  • The first and last gates are 12 meters from the entry and exit
  • The inner edge of the first one is aligned with the outer edge of the next one etc.

Effectiveness Scores:

  • Break in forward motion, change of gait
  • Running out
  • Stepping back
  • Refusal 
  • Circling before the obstacle

Choice of Gait:

Maximum possible scores* Canter 10 / Trot 7 / Walk 5

In the event of a change in gait the score is given based on the slowest gait. Returning to the originally chosen gait does not impact the score.

*International Scoring / Levels not yet defined for Driven TREC.


  • Disturbing the obstacle (making the balls fall) – 10
  • No whip in the hand – 10
  • Brutality -10
  • Dangerous driving – 10
  • Driver or groom stepping down from the carriage -30
  • Tipped carriage – 50
  • Uncorrected course error – Elimination

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