Driven TREC – Immobility


A halting zone marked on the ground and flagged.


  • To halt for 10 seconds within marked obstacle.
  • The driver takes his foot off the brake and leaves a long rein.


  • Width: 2.5 meters
  • Length of the area marked for halt: 1 meter

Scoring: 1 point per second that carriage remains stationary.

  • The team stops in the marked zone
  • At halt, the driver takes his foot off the brake and leaves a long rein
  • The judge will then count ten seconds
  • The pony/horse waits for the driver’s order to move forward
  • Use of the voice is authorized.
  • The timer stops when the axle crosses the obstacle route
  • The front or rear lines must not be crossed
  • Any involvement of the groom stops the timer

Effectiveness Faults:

  • Break in forward motion, change of gait
  • Running out
  • Stepping back
  • Refusal 
  • Circling before the obstacle


  • Carriage not stopped or moving back -10
  • No whip in the hand – 10
  • Brutality -10
  • Dangerous driving – 10
  • Driver or groom stepping down from the carriage -30
  • Tipped carriage – 50
  • Uncorrected course error – Elimination

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