Mount From Block

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USA Levels 1-2 Only


A mounting block placed within a 2.5 m circle marked on level ground with 1-2 flags indicating entrance / exit. Mounting block is placed at the edge of the circle. Dimensions are the same for all Levels.


Rider has 15 seconds to mount the horse from the moment the horse’s first foot enters the circle. The horse should not move any of its feet.

Scoring This Obstacle

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– Rider must enter the circle un-mounted (stirrups up).
– Time starts as horse first steps into circle.
– Rider may not move the mounting block.
– Rider may mount from either side.
– Mounting is considered completed when the rider has put both feet in the stirrups.
– Other Obstacle Specific Penalties
– Other Obstacle Specific Penalties

Effectiveness Faults (E Score) -3 per incident

BEFORE the obstacle:

– Running Out
– Error of Course Corrected
– Stepping Back
– Refusal
– Circling

IN the obstacle:

– Each time the horse moves a foot (fly stomping NA).
– Other / Obstacle Specific

Style Faults (S Score) -1 per incident.

– Rider’s foot touches ground after starting to mount
– Incorrect Rider Position
– Loss of Balance of the Horse or the Rider
– Incorrect Rider Aids
– Rider mounts roughly (touches horse’s back with leg or foot, takes up reins abruptly). 
– Rider sits down heavily on horse’s back.
– Rider Interfering With Horse’s Balance

(Flapping Stirrups – see Penalties).

Penalties (P Score)

– Brutality (-5)
– Dangerous Riding (-5)
– Fall of Horse or Rider (Rider Excused)
– Leaving The Obstacle (-10)
– Time Penalty (-1 point per second over 15 second limit)
– Flapping Stirrups / USA (-1)
– Girth is loose (-3)

– Rider moves mounting block -3

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