Ridden TREC – Incline Up In Hand

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A smooth sloped incline, flagged at the entrance / exit, with corridor between flags marked on the ground.

– Slope: 30° to 45°
– Length: minimum 10 m
– Width: 2 to 4 m


To lead the horse up the incline at a walk without leaving the corridor, showing the willingness of the horse and the correct actions of the rider. Horse to follow on a loose rein and keep a respectful distance from the rider. Dimensions are the same for all Levels.

Scoring This Obstacle

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Effectiveness Faults (E Score) -3 per incident

BEFORE the obstacle:

– Running Out
– Error of Course Corrected
– Stepping Back
– Refusal
– Circling

IN the obstacle:

– Break of Gait

Foot Outside Corridor (see penalties / leaving the obstacle).

Style Faults (S Score) -1 per incident.

– Irregular Forward Motion
– Progression on Tense Reins
– Loss of Balance of the Horse or the Rider
– Incorrect Rider Aids
– Horse Moving Sideways
– Horse’s Nose Passing Rider’s Shoulder

(Flapping Stirrups – see Penalties).

Penalties (P Score)

– Brutality (-5)
– Dangerous Handling (-5)
– Fall of Horse or Rider (Rider Excused)
– Leaving The Obstacle (-10)
– Flapping Stirrups / USA (-1)
– Other Obstacle Specific Penalties

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