Ridden TREC – Immobility Ridden

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A 2.5m circle marked on the ground with entrance / exit indicated with 1 or 2 flags.


For horse to remain still without being held by rider. Rider enters the circle mounted and places the reins on the horse’s neck. The rider earns 1 point per second that the horse stays in the circle without touching the reins – up to 10 points.

Scoring This Obstacle

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Rules / Timing

– The rider enters the obstacle mounted.
– The rider has 10 seconds after the first hoof crosses the line of the circle to position the horse and release the reins .
– Positioning the horse while in the obstacle does not accrue circling penalties.
– The stopwatch is started when reins are place freely on the horse’s neck.
– The watch is stopped when the rider takes hold of the reins or the horse’s hoof goes outside the circle.
– Calm use of the voice is permitted.
– Ground tying is not allowed.

Effectiveness Faults (E Score) -3 per incident

BEFORE the obstacle:

– Running Out
– Error of Course Corrected
– Stepping Back
– Refusal
– Circling

IN the obstacle:

– Horse puts its head down to graze
– Horse moves any of its feet

Timing (T Score) 0 to 10 Points

– The rider earns 1 point per second (up to 10 s.) that the horse stays in the circle. Clock is stopped when:

– Rider touches reins
– Horse steps outside of circle

Penalties (P Score)

– Brutality (-5)
– Dangerous Riding (-5)
– Fall of Horse or Rider (Rider Excused)
– Leaving The Obstacle (Reflected in Time Score)
– Rider takes more than 10 seconds to position horse: X (No Score)
– Reins on Ground (Ground Trying) or Over Saddle X (No Score)

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A. E Score: X / T Score: X Eyes Down / Total: 0*

B. E Score: 7 / S Score: 3 / Total: 10

C. E Score: no faults / T Score: 7 / Total: 7

D. E Score: 0 / T Score 10 / Total: 10*

*Rider A – Horse was not within the circle.

*Rider D – Maximum score is 10.