Ridden TREC – Corridor In Hand

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A flagged corridor marked by fixed poles on level ground.

– Length: 8 meters
– Width: 0.5 meters

Dimensions are the same for all Levels.


To lead the horse through the corridor without touching the poles and maintaining the initially chosen gait (walk or trot).

Scoring This Obstacle

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Effectiveness Faults (E Score) -3 per incident

BEFORE the obstacle:

– Running Out
– Error of Course Corrected
– Stepping Back
– Refusal
– Circling

IN the obstacle:

– Break of Gait
– Touching the poles (horse or rider) 1 fault per contact

Choice of Gait (G Score):


Trot +3 / Max. score = 10

Walk -2 / Max. score = 5

For break of gait: the lowest gait is scored. Recovery of original gait NA.

Penalties (P Score)

– Brutality (-5)
– Dangerous Handling (-5)
– Fall of Horse or Rider (Rider Excused)
– Leaving The Obstacle (-10)
– Flapping Stirrups / USA (-1)
– Other Obstacle Specific Penalties

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Images © K. Stoddard, TREC Suisse (FB), T. Thomas

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Obstacle Building Tip:

© K. Stoddard

Fixing ground poles makes this obstacle safer and minimizes the need for re-setting. Method shown: PVC poles fixed using landscaping spikes in pre-drilled holes. Spikes can also be used on the outside of solid or square poles.

Mini Clinic – Tips for Success


Practice leading in hand with the horse following behind at a respectable distance before asking the horse to perform this obstacle.


When first introducing the corridor in hand, it can be helpful for the rider to walk backwards facing the horse – making it easier to guide the horse into the corridor, and to make corrections at the start.


Be sure to enter the obstacle with a straight approach, and establish your gait / rhythm well before entering the obstacle – especially at the trot.

Trouble Shooting

If your horse tends to walk all over this obstacle – go slow. Stop when horse has foot outside of the corridor and gently tap or motion to correct. Once positioned correctly, pause for a moment before you resume at a walk. Be patient and rewarding. Once you get it right – be done with it and come back to it another time.

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Judge’s Scorecard:

A. E Score: 4 / G Score: 3 (trot) / P: 0 / Total: 7*

B. E Score: X (horse outside corridor) / G Score: X / P: X / Total: 0

C. E Score: X (canter stride) / G Score: X / P: X / Total: 0

D. E Score: 7 / G Score -2 (walk) / P: 0 / Total: 5

*Tightness of reins is not considered in a choice of gait obstacle.