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This website was created to provide opportunities to learn about and enjoy the Sport of TREC.

About the Author

Kim Stoddard has been actively involved with the Sport of TREC since 2011 both as a rider and as a volunteer advocate.

During her involvement she has created extensive resources and training materials to develop and promote the sport in the USA, has presented the sport in a multiple formats (live presentations, online webinars, mounted demonstrations), and has been interviewed by Equitrekking.com, Horses in the Morning, and Carolina Hoofbeats TV. She has also participated in numerous TREC Clinics and Competitions (as a rider, instructor, event organizer, and judge), and has organized international trainings in the US.

Additionally, Kim has photographed several European TREC Championships, served as an International Judge (China TREC Championship 2018) and has participated in 2 TREC World Championships: Once as a competitor (Mafra, Portugal 2012), and once as Chef d’Equipe (Segovia, Spain 2016).

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The images presented in this website © Kim Stoddard unless otherwise indicated. Other contributors include: Tim Thomas, Stephanie Frend, and Lee Ann Bunn.

The content presented in this website © Kim Stoddard with the exception of the US Rules and Scoresheets (based on FITE rules) to which she was a major contributor.

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Email: info@sportoftrec.com

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